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D.T. Systems H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer with Vibration
Price: $229.99
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Item #: DTS-H2O1820-PLUS -

    This fully waterproof unit covers both basic and advanced training needs for both professionals and novice users alike. Whether you are knee-deep in cold icy waters or knee-deep in tall grass on a dry sunny day, the H2O PLUS is designed with the harshest environments in mind. Vibration is a great feature with many different applications. Many of our competitors use a tone feature that makes the collar unit emit a quiet beep. We feel that Vibration is a more effective alternative because your...

    D.T. Systems Super Pro e-Lite 2 Dog 1.3 Mile Remote Trainer
    Price: $499.99
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    Item #: DTS-SPT-2422 -

      Introducing the all new, ground-breaking SPT 2400 series remote dog trainer by D.T. Systems! The new SPT 2400 series was designed in collaboration with top professional trainers around the world with a focus on rugged reliability, ease of use, and new training features such as our Jump and Rise training aids. The Jump Stimulation* is a great feature for training methods that involve jumping frequently between two different stimulation levels. As before, you can set a level of intensity to the...

      D.T. Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer
      Price: $199.99
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      Item #: DTS-RAPT-1400 -

        The Rapid Access button provides quick corrections. This system can expand to a 2-dog or 3-dog system. The newly designed small, lightweight collar unit fits in the palm of your hand. The collar is waterproof, rechargeable, and fits small to large dogs. The transmitter FLOATS on water. Patented, revolutionary curved transmitter design and function with 3 grip positions: Knuckle Grip - On back of the hand to free up both hands and have a quick, no look button Palm Grip - In palm of hand holding...

        D.T. Systems Blank Powerloads Light Green
        Price: $14.99
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        Item #: DTS-88116 -

          For use in the DT Systems Super Pro Dummy Launcher or Hallmark Dummy Launcher

          D.T. Systems H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer Add-On Collar
          Price: $119.99
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          Item #: DTS-H2O-ADDON -

            Available with Black, Blaze Orange, or Fluorescent Green collar belt.

            D.T. Systems Pointing Dog DVD Collection Vols. 1-4
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            Price: $40.99
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            Item #: DTS-D050 -

              Volume 1 � Introduction to Bird and Guns. In Volume 1, the correct methods for developing the hunting and pointing instincts in your dog are covered. A sound program for introducing a dog to the gun is shown in depth. (Appr. 20 min.) Volume 2 � Electronic Collar Training and Basic Obedience. All the essentials of proper e-collar introduction are covered in Volume 2. This is a comprehensive program for the basic yard commands of Kennel, Whoa, here and Heel. (Appr. 20 min.) Volume 3 � Holding...

              D.T. Systems Mini Rechargeable No Bark Collar
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              Price: $99.99
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              Item #: DTS-1125DT -

                This mini no-bark trainer has a built in rechargeable battery system. Features: Newly redesigned Digital System with Micro-processor Adjustable Collar fits small to large dogs. Ni-MH 4.8 Volt Rechargeable Battery System System delivers 1/2 second corrective stimulation Automatic three-second safety delay Built in Magnetic ON/OFF system Digital Numeric Display shows 8 different intensity levels Vibration Sensor only picks up vocal cord vibrations eliminating unnecessary shock from extraneous...

                D.T. Systems Upland Hunter DVD Collection Vols. 1-3
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                Price: $32.99
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                Item #: DTS-D098 -

                  Volume 1 � Find �Em and Flush �Em. Volume 1 covers introduction to birds and gun, patterning, and hunting in range. (Appr. 20 min.) Volume 2 � Basic Obedience Electronic Collar Training. Volume 2 instructs the viewer how to properly train with low-level stimulation. The basic yard commands of Kennel, Sit, Here and Heel are covered. (Appr. 40 min.) Volume 3 � The Conditioned Retrieve and Steady to Wind and Shot. Volume 3 instructs the viewer in the advanced training methods of developing a...

                  D.T. Systems Super-Pro Dummy Launcher With Orange Dummy
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                  Price: $104.99
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                  Item #: DTS-88106 -

                    Great for long and short retrieves by adjusting the flight angle and the strength of the .22 caliber blank launching load. The launcher's solid aluminum frame construction means no lost training time from broken plastic components like on other brands. D.T. Systems' launcher is easy to use clean and maintain. Hunting season is very short and repetition is very important in the training process. With the DT Super-Pro Dummy Launcher you can train with your dog every day to make them the best...

                    D.T. Systems Soft Mouth Trainer Dummy Small - 3 Pack
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                    Price: $23.99
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                    Item #: DTS-SM-SMT -

                      D.T. Systems' dummies are made with softer, more pliable plastic materials which give them the soft, supple feel of a real bird's body. D.T. Systems' exclusive, non-slip, patent pending S Grip Technology design make these dummies the most advanced and easy to use training tool available. With the S Grip design, the dog's eye teeth lock firmly into the curves of the dummy's exclusive patterns.,The advanced design prevents slipping when a dog is grabbing or gripping and lets him use less...

                      D.T. Systems Nylon Dummy Large 3 pack
                      Retail: $29.99
                      Price: $27.99
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                      Item #: DTS-3LG-NYL-DMY -

                        Super-Pro Series Cordura Nylon Training Dummies are designed, and manufactured in the USA. Durable, rugged and dependable, each dummy is designed with pro-features and quality checked. Features Durable 1000 Denier Nylon Solid Brass Grommets High Quality Nylon Thread Hand Fitted Weighted for Throwing

                        D.T. Systems Baritone Beeper Collar
                        Price: $119.99
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                        Item #: DTS-BTB-800 -

                          This allows you to find the dog quickly and prevents you from making the mistake of calling the dog to you when he's on point. The BTB-800 beeper collars are light weight and built to withstand the rugged conditions and heavy cover dogs often encounter The use of both the sound booster element and the long duration, double beep make the BTB-800 collars much easier to hear at long range. (Actual yardage will vary depending upon the relative position of yourself and your dog and other variables...