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Gunner Kennels Name Plate
Price: $13.99
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    You’ve distinguished yourself among dog owners by purchasing Gunner Kennels®, and now it’s time to let everyone know who the lucky dog is that rides inside. This screen-printed Gunner Kennels® tag is easily installed on the door’s front center with four included screws.

    Gunner Kennels Chew Kit Gunner Kennels Lock Kit
    Price: $99.99
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    Item #: GK-CHEWKIT -

      This accessory is highly recommended for dogs with a chewing problem, or who experience phobias and/or separation anxiety. Waterjet CutStainless SteelCovers Side Vents

      Gunner Kennels Security Kennel Lock Kit Gunner Kennels Lock Kit
      Price: $49.99
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      Item #: GK-007 -

        Gunner Kennels® are designed for your dog’s safety, and the lock kit was created with that in mind too. This high-strength, stainless-steel bracket is perfect for protecting your assets, and used to secure your Gunner Kennel using either a security chain or cable lock. Its design allows installation for 6 different positions of the kennel, and includes a stainless steel security bolt and key.

        Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate gunner kennel intermediate, gunner kennels intermediate, int gunner kennel, gunner kennels intermediate
        Price: $499.99
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        Item #: GK-G1 -

          Engineered for your dog and built for your peace of mind, Gunner Kennels® G1™ patented design has set a new industry standard. With double­ walled rotomolded plastic that goes through double the manufacturing process of Olympic kayaks, these kennels feature all stainless­-steel hardware, a paddle ­latch door lock for the escape artist, elevated non-skid rubber feet, super­ strong carry handles, a drain plug and secure tie­ down pins. The G1™ design has been tested to withstand 4,000 lb. of...

          Gunner Kennels G1 Large large gunner kennel, large gunner kennels, Gunner Kennels, Gunner Kennel Large, Gunner Kennels Large, Best Pricing on Gunner Kennels, Large Kennel, Large Dog crate, Large dog kennel, indestructible kennel,
          Retail: $749.99
          Price: $689.99
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          Item #: GK-G1-LARGE -

            Made with the highest quality materials and created using the best processes, the G1™ Large is engineered with the same scrutiny as the G1™ Intermediate. Like the Intermediate, the G1™ Large includes a lockable door, water ­repelling window vents, designated tie­ down pins, rubber feet, super­strong carry handles, an oversized drain plug and drainage system, all stainless­-steel components, and a wider base to prevent rollovers – plus, it features in­line wheels for easy transport. The G1™...

            Gunner Kennels G1™ Small Gunner Kennels, Small Kennel, Indestructible dog crate, small dog crate, small dog kennel, gunner kennels small, g1 small
            Price: $349.99
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            Item #: GK-G1-SMALL -

              The unrivaled durability of the G1™ is due to the double-wall rotomolded construction, which guards against both human error and seasonal elements. The second layer offers additional protection for your dog, making a real difference in the case of an accident (read stories of how our crates have saved lives here). You’ll find the same exclusive features that are built into all of our kennels – details we’ve always wanted but never been able to find in any other crate – but we’ve also tailored...

              Gunner Kennels Tie-Down Straps
              Price: $74.99
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              Item #: GK-TIEDOWN -

                Gunner Kennels® pairs a cam buckle with Mil-Spec nylon webbing to offer the best tie-downs on the market. These blaze orange strap sets are the only ones that Gunner Kennels® recommends, and they have met each of the company's crash test standards.